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  • Why are reflection and supervision important for coaches?
  • How might increased self awareness improve competence?
  • What kind of activities might a coach consider to develop their own reflective practices?

This practical book helps coaches to improve their practice through reflection and professional support in their work. It explains how these developments can be made alone, with colleagues or with a supervisor, utilising a range of tried and tested frameworks.

Starting with a section on the function of reflection and supervision in the coaching arena, the book moves on to discuss ways that the processes of reflection and supervision might be analyzed. Finally, the book addresses some specific models that coaches might like to try to improve their practice.

The book assumes that the reader has no prior knowledge of the theories used and contains concise summaries of them as well as giving references to further reading for those who are interested. It also contains activities which will help the reader to think carefully about how they are doing things in order to identify options for improvement.

Reflective Practice and Supervision for Coaches is a resource that can be used over time, with activities that can be repeated intermittently as needs arise. It provides key reading for professional coaches and supervisors as well as those who facilitate reflection upon working practices in the coaching profession.

Assessment and Development Centres offer a detailed and objective way of assessing your people’s potential, whether you are trying to:  establish training and development needs; identify potential for promotion; assess and select new recruits to your organization or using the centre in some other way.

To make this assessment possible involves a huge investment in time, money and effort to plan, design, administer and run each centre and to effectively analyse and use all of the data it will generate. These three volumes are designed to help you set up and run your own assessment and development centres within your organization. Alternatively, if you already run centres, the manuals will allow you to evaluate and improve your administration, planning and assessment as well as to introduce new exercises.

Volume 1 is the Planning and Administration.

Volume 2: Assessment Activities contains full documentation for the participants, the assessors and the programme manager for running a range of assessment simulations of: meetings where co-operation is called for; meetings where participants have conflicting aims; activities where participants must plan for contingencies and handle interruptions; presentations and talks; one-to-one interviews; report and proposal writing exercises.

Volume 3 contains a range of In-Tray Simulations.

Each volume is available separately or as a three volume set.