TA Questionnaires

The items on this page have been designed to add some fun into the process of helping people increase their psychological awareness. They are not researched psycho metrics (although researchers are beginning now to use them in research – see for example www.ijtarp.org and look at Vol 4 Issue 2 paper by Marina Pavlovska).

Anyone can purchase and use these items.   We recommend, however, that you read the appropriate chapter in one of Julie Hay’s books as there are some important differences in the ways that authors describe TA concepts.

​You can find the chapter about working styles as a free download at: https://www.juliehay.org/article-downloads.html 

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Each of the questionnaires below can be delivered to you as either a Physical Pack (25 x Questionnaires & Scoring Sheets),  as PDF downloads, or as Excel worksheets that automatically calculate scores/results (you must have Microsoft Excel to used these – currently for English versions only).

We have kept the price as low as we can but we do need enough income to be able to keep providing these materials.  Without purchasing expensive software, there is no way for us to limit the number of copies you make, so we are asking you to promise us that you will print out the number of copies that you have paid for (usually 25 per pack) and then destroy the PDF.