About Us


Sherwood Publishing is a trading name of Psychological Intelligence Ltd, an organisational consultancy, training provider and publisher, specialising in people skills and corporate cultures. Our aim on this website is to supply our developmental books and aids quickly and cost effectively. Many items are also available online.

We publish the works of Julie Hay, plus occasionally of other authors.  Julie’s work is also published by other publishers – McGraw-Hill in the past (these are now republished by Sherwood); and Gower and Open University Press currently.

Julie Hay is Chief Executive of Psychological Intelligence Ltd  and also leads our non-profit Psychological Intelligence Foundation CIC.  She has over half a century of experience as an ‘ordinary’ employee, supervisor, trade union representative, safety representative, manager, trainer, and consultant within industry, government and the public sector.  Julie has master’s degrees in management, for research into the characteristics of effective managers, and in psychotherapy. She was a Founding Director in 2002 of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council and then President 2006-2008 of its first truly pan-European Board.

She was the first UK trainer to obtain advanced TA certification specifically in non-therapy applications.  She now holds this in the therapy as well as the non-therapy fields.  Julie is also a Licensed NLP trainer certified by Richard Bandler, creator of NLP, and Michael Breen and Paul McKenna of McKenna Breen. Julie has been providing TA training since 1986 and NLP training since 1997.  She has run workshops in TA, NLP and other subjects in over 40 countries. She is also very active via international online webinars, that she runs very interactively – no filling the screen with PowerPoint and expecting participants to just listen. Julie was a Visiting Professor at Middlesex University through which she ran master’s level programmes based on TA; she is now associated with Chester University.

She is a Past President of both the European and International TA Associations,  a founder and inaugural Chairperson of the UK-based Institute of Developmental Transactional Analysis (IDTA), and the former co-ordinator of an international network (INTAND) for people interested in developmental applications of TA and NLP that ran from 1993 until 2004 (when IDTA was set up).  She now leads the International Centre for TA Qualifications and the World Online TA Association. She is the Editor of the International Journal of Transactional Analysis Research & Practice, and project manages the international TA Proficiency Awards, which are operated in various countries for various categories of people.

You will find details of the programs Julie runs on the Foundation website, and many of her articles are available as free downloads on her own website. You can also find Julie on  ResearchGateAcademia, and Youtube.